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1:18 scale model presented in Monte Carlo Rally livery


In 1990, a Frenchman by the name of François Delecour, nicknamed "Freine Tard", caused a sensation at the Monte Carlo Rally. In the middle of the Lancia Delta and Toyota Celica GT-4, he placed an impressive Peugeot 309 Gr.A. Although this car was not necessarily the model one would have expected in rallying, it was nevertheless Peugeot France's new weapon in addition to the 205 Gr.A. During the 1990 Monte-Carlo, "Freine Tard" finished in a fine 9th place overall and confirmed his good 1989 season at the wheel of this novel 309. What happened next? We all know! François Delecour is one of the great names of French rallying. Official Ford, Peugeot or Mitsubishi driver in the WRC, he came very close to becoming the first French driver to be world rally champion! This was in 1993, one year before Didier Auriol's title. Nowadays François Delecour continues to enjoy rally stages and to share his passion and memories, notably at the wheel of this 309 Gr.A.

OT943 Peugeot 309

SKU: OT943
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