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1:18 scale model presented in Monte Carlo Rally livery


Ford and rallying has been an ongoing love affair since the early 1970s. This story has been written with many of the brand's models, such as the little Fiesta. Moreover, the 7th generation became a world rally champion in 2017 and 2018 thanks to Sébastien Ogier. Forty years earlier, the very first Fiesta was already running in rallying. In 1979, in Monte-Carlo, a certain Ari Vatanen swapped his usual Escort for the small city-dweller. Thanks to the official Ford team at the end of the previous season, Ari Vatanen bounced back with the help of David Richards (the future founder of Prodrive). The Briton believed in the young Finnish nugget and helped set up a private program. It began with the legendary Monte-Carlo with the small Fiesta Mk1. Ari Vatanen amazed everyone and achieved superb times in the top 5 even though his car was of a lower class (Group 2). At the finish, Vatanen placed 10th (and second in his group). An impressive result which proves that David Richards made the right choice. The little Fiesta and Vatanen then became part of the Monte-Carlo legend.

OT894 Ford Fiesta XR2

SKU: OT894
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