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1:18 scale model presented in Passion Red


In the mid-90s, the World Rally Championship was dominated by one man: Tommi Mäkinen. The flying Finn won four World Rally Championship titles in a row, a historic first! To celebrate Mäkinen's fourth title, Mitsubishi decided to produce a special edition of the Lancer EVO. This sporty version of the Japanese sedan gets even more radical for the occasion. Red - Ralliart livery (the company that prepares the official Mistubishi in the WRC), redesigned front bumper, improved mechanics, Recaro buckets with a specific color and a "T. MAKINEN EDITION" logo. With its turbocharged IHI TD05HR-16G6- 9T engine that "officially" develops 280hp, the beauty is as impressive as it is seductive. It displays its racing attributes ostensibly (spoiler, wide kit, white rally rims, Ralliart stickers), seducing as much as it scares the competitors! From now on, the EVO VI TME is a unicorn that is always talked about but that few of us have had the honor to see in real life

OT422 Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VI Tommi Makinen

SKU: OT422
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